Dungeons and Randomness

This is our main show! Since 2012 D&R has been our baby and we're proud to see it grow and chance with each passing year. Full of big roleplay moments, laughs and tears, it's a world that we're proud to share with you. 

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Good Morning Theria

Since 2014, GMT has been a lighthearted chat show about everything from food to movies and TV and everything in-between. Never taking itself too seriously, it's a great listen for those looking for some company on a walk, drive or to have in the background of work. 

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The Buffy Breakdown

Unlocked through our Patreon thanks to our wonderful Patrons! The Buffy Breakdown is a chronological recap of every single Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode. We talk about our favorite (and not so favorite) parts of the show twice a month.  


The D&R Extended Universe

Dungeons and Randomness is a labor or love for everyone involved. We've made sure to constantly try to deliver exactly what our listeners have asked for and that's why you can find hundreds of hours of information and programs about our world on our Patreon.