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"Sometimes delicate, sometimes heart-wrenching, always fun. DnR is a podcast with a world that seems as real as the one you wake up to. Jason, the dm, crafts his story with the care of Rowling and the imagination of Tolkien. His cast is constantly presented with a wide world of options, engaging encounters, and choices that affect not just themselves but the entirety of Theria and they never fail to entertain. There's nothing quite like it anywhere else, and with all the hundreds of hours of episodes, there's nearly infinite quality and quantity. " - Casey Bartley

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“Plenty of podcasts can pluck you out of normal life and see you plundering an ancient tomb while folding laundry, raising an army while brushing your teeth, or bartering with a demon while driving home, but only with D&R are these amazing narratives, dramas, and decisions woven masterfully through the stories of multiple parties trying to make it as adventurers in the same chaotic and dangerous world.” - Will Tresch

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“This podcast tells a tale of not only a world but of all the people inhabiting it. Driven by an all-star cast of players, D&R captures an epic story that ranges from world-threatening events to the struggles of day-to-day life in the smallest of towns and how adventurers can affect them. Jason Massey has created a world of D&D where actions have consequences and magic isn’t always the answer. You won’t regret listening to this podcast, I know I never will.” - Chris Wilson

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"Initially, I was just glad to find a D&D podcast with a diverse cast of players that seemed to know how to play the game and to enjoy roleplay. Then, as I listened to Jason DM, I was blown away. Not only does the whole cast create an entertaining story together, but Jason has built a deep and expansive world that leaves me wanting to know more at the end of every episode. Now I steal all of his homebrew mechanics for my own games." - Abbey Perini

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"D&R is more than a podcast it is a story based universe where multiple groups have intertwined stories that impact the universe as whole and have long standing ramifications. They focus on character development and story rather then game mechanics and dice rolls, so if you would like to listen to a story and about characters you care about instead of mechanics this is the podcast for you. Jason and Brianna have also cultivated an amazing community outside the podcast so it honestly feels like you've won twice here." - Andrew Barley

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“It's like reading a book and escaping into this wonderful story/world, but you realize it's so much more in depth than a book could ever get, and it is a culmination of so many people putting their hearts and souls into a story that will sweep you off of your feet. And the best part? It's about a game you can turn around and play with your friends.” -Sierra Sel