Welcome to Theria

Why listen to “Dungeons and Randomness”?

Dungeons and Randomness is a weekly Dungeons and Dragons podcast with multiple groups playing in one world (Theria) in which their actions affect one another and tell a giant, sprawling story. The world is always turning and there is always something to listen to. Not convinced yet? Here are a few more reasons!

The World is Huge

With 6 continents to see and miles of ocean to explore, Theria is a world littered with wondrous sites.

Special Events

Things play out on the show on a grand scale with major story beats getting special episodes. There are even live shows played on stage.

Our Community

The D&R listenership is warm and welcoming with lively discussions for new episodes, playing games with one another and creating D&D groups to start their own adventurers


Danger Lurks Around Every Corner

While Theria contains a plethora of beautiful locations and bustling cities, it also has no shortage of horrific creatures and harsh natural phenomena.

The Amazing Cast

D&R has some of the most talented cast members around. 18 players cover 3 groups of adventurers providing moments filled with tension, heart and laughs. It's a hard job, but they make it sound easy.

A shared world

Our world is so big that we have multiple groups exploring it at once! Listen as 3 different groups of adventurers set out to make their name. It’s all in the same world and timeline.