Welcome to Theria

Here are just a few reasons why you should be listening to "Dungeons and Randomness".


It's a big bad world

Theria has 6 continents that are all wildly different from each other. All populated with hundreds of fully fleshed out characters and locations. It's all waiting for you to explore.


It's all connected

Every character, story and group is part of the larger story. Multiple groups are all adventuring within our world and the wheel never stops turning. It's one timeline and things always change.


It's our job

We work hard every single day on the story and sound of D&R. From recording sessions, to meticulous editing and even the choices in music and foley work, it's all to make every episode better than the last one. 

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The amazing cast

D&R has some of the most talented cast members around. 17 players cover 3 groups of adventurers providing moments filled with tension, heart and laughs. It's a hard job, but they make it sound easy.


The incredible community

The D&R listenership is warm and welcoming with lively discussions for new episodes, playing games with one another and creating D&D groups to start their own adventurers. 

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WOrld Events

From time to time, there are massive world events that require multiple groups to join forces in order to effect them. These events are called "crossovers" and they can impact the world in huge ways.