The rules to this game are simple.

1. Find out where the book is hidden by using clues hidden everywhere that you can find D&R online.

2. Click on the button below (when submissions are available) and make your selection.

3. Everybody gets one guess, so make sure you are confident in your choice.

4. Submissions will be collected until April 20th where we will announce a winner during TheriaThon.

5. If you are the first person to guess the exact spot correctly, you win!

6. The winner will be awarded a prize and have a choice to make. :)

Working with the community is a fantastic way to solve the puzzle. Remember though, there can be only one winner. The longer you spend collecting clues, the better your guess will be. However, the longer you spend collecting clues, the greater the chance that someone will beat you to the punch.

Good luck!