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Over the course of the next few months we'll be posting your artwork on this page along with our official stuff. We hope to grow this page into something amazing and we need your help to do it! Below, you'll find breakdowns of characters from the show and, eventually, people and places from the show. You can send your artwork to our email at "DandRpodcast@gmail.com" along with requests for future stuff. 

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Character Breakdowns


Here's a list of every character breakdown that we currently have. We invite you to request more and we'll do our very best to post them here. We want to see your interpretations of characters, scenes and places from the show so we can post them for the world to see! 

Kalden Halek

Group B

Class: Sorcerer
Race: Half-Elf

Description: Kalden is a thin, small framed half elf in his late twenties, standing no taller than 5'7". His elven features are prominent with pointed ears and an androgynous elegance, but haunted by an almost sickly countenance. His skin is pale, his face is gaunt and his cheekbones protrude to give him a hollow or hungry look. Dark circles ring a pair of pale blue eyes. His head is crowned with short, white hair. He looks as if he is getting over a fever or has had too little to eat. His limbs are thin and his silhouette is un-intimidating. He wears simple robes and furs belted around his waist and draped over his shoulders. Also a pair of fur trimmed boots and gloves that are well worn from use. He looks like a mage dressed for the cold weather of a wilderness frontier. Currently he is missing his left arm from the elbow down, though that may change. He has conjured a non functioning prosthetic of ice to attach to the wound in the past, but really only to appear symmetrical. It is not uncommon to see his icy magic swirling about him in some capacity, or frost lingering on parts of his body or clothes.

Donovan Weiss

Group A

Age : 21
Class : Fighter
Race: Human

Description : Donovan is a 6'5", 270 lbs burly young man built like a wrestler and presents a proud belly. He sports good looks, a broken nose, and a pidgeotto haircut. Armed to the teeth, he wears a chainmail of Amaunator that he complements with pristine white gloves and his postman insignia to his belt.

Maddy Rhiawen

Group A

Class: Cleric
Race: Human
Base: A thoughtful woman with an optimistic outlook on life

Body: 5’9” (so a little taller than most human women); Lean with defined muscles; Skin like cream

Face: Oblong face (like Liv Tyler, not Sarah Jessica Parker, lol); High forehead; Olive-colored wide eyes; Eyebrows very light red; Broken button nose (just a little crooked); High cheekbones; Freckles along nose and cheeks; Strong jaw; Cupid’s bow lips

Hair: Wavy; Luminous strawberry blond hair; Elbow-length (but generally braids it or has it up); More often than not, tangled

Klara U'rath-Dale

Group C

Age: 21
Class: Fighter
Race: Drow

Klara U'rath-Dale is stocky young half-drow who shows both her lineages clearly in her physical form. Firstly, her grey skin is kept light but still noticeably shaded by her drow lineage by wearing long sleeves, gloves and a veil whenever she is outdoors. Her red hair is razor-straight and cut at her chin, with a thin slice of blond near the front. She has light blue eyes which she lines with coal each morning, though some days she is too tired or without enough spare water to wash off the previous days coal, giving them a smudged, smokey look. On particularly sunny days she drags the coal further out to protect her eyes from the sun where the veil does not cover.

Beneath her hood and veil, which she removes when indoors, she has many piercings, including two eyebrow piercings over her right eye, a nose piercing on the left side, 'spider bites' on the right side of her lips, and a dusting of piercings in both of her pointed ears. She also has a long scar by her left eye from a past accident.

She is often clothed in leather armor which looks new. She has a sickle and sword on her back, and two hand axes at her waist.


Group B

Race: Half-orc Paladin of Erathis
Age: 20
Height: 6'6"
Weight: ~375 lbs.

Appearance: Olive green skin with a tinge of brown. Blue eyes and short, wavy brown hair. Clean shaven. Square jaw, but with shorter tusks than many half-orcs.

Build: Broad and muscular, but with big round muscle rather than toned bodybuilder-type muscle. Similar to Kirill Sarychev, or a taller Bill Kazmaier.

Armor: Chain hauberk and chausses under a gold-trimmed, white tabard (with blue symbol of Erathis across the front). Blue cloak with fur-lined collar draped over right shoulder and down his back. Steel pauldron on left shoulder, brass-trimmed and brightly polished. Matching steel & brass forearm guards, gauntlets, and shinguards. Erathis-shaped brooch and chain (connecting brooch and pauldron) are also polished brass.

Ephany Skelly

Group C

Race : Gnome
Class : Bard
Height : 3'5

Age : You don't ask a lady that!
Weight: If I didnt give you my age you really think I'm gonna give you my weight?!!

Face - Fairly pale skinned and with a slight trace of freckles, Wide green eyes that she enhances with make up as often as she can, button nose, full ish lips which she rouges as often as possible Hair - Long Red hair that is neither straight nor curly that she often wears up usually starting out the day neat and tidy but that doesnt last long at all! (Happy for it to be portrayed up or down)

Tattoos - a blue butterfly on her wrist (nod to life is strange!)

a scroll and quill on her arm

musical notes that start at the base of her neck and go down her back and between her shoulder blades

Aster Fae'nriel

Group A

Race: Elf
Class: Archer (Fighter/Rogue)
Age: 25
Height: 6'2"

Their body is lean muscle for the most part, and covered in a variety of scars. Aster is fairly tanned, and have an intricate tattoo of a tree on their back with the branches reaching across their shoulders and the roots down to their legs.

Aster has heterochromia - one eye is blue and the other amber. They have long black hair they wear in a single braid down their back.

They wear leather armor, mostly greens and browns to help blend in to the forest. The carry a bow, a rapier, and a variety of daggers and knives hidden away.