The cast of Dungeons and Randomness


Jason Massey

The Dungeon Master and Co-Owner

Jason started D&R in April of 2012. It's since grown into a huge show and his full time profession. He has been able to move to Auburn, CA and is much happier there. He dreams of doing D&R sessions in front of people on stage one day. He considers himself the luckiest person in the world to not only get to do this show but to have met such awesome people and become friends with them.

Brianne Marie

Group C and Co-Owner

Brianne is co-producer of D&R and aspiring writer. In her free time she is interested in cosplay, hanging out with her cat Samwise, horror, dancing, reading (especially fantasy novels), comic books and generally being a social recluse. She has been reading about D&D since she was old enough to hold the books and be traumatized by the illustrations, played her first game when she was nine years old and she hasn't looked back since.


Jamie Lee Evans Bones

Group B

Jamie Lee has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since she was about eight years old with her family. Loving the improvisational and role playing aspects of D&D she went on to become a Musical Theater major at the University of Southern Maine. Currently she resides in Maine but has aspirations of traveling across the world to pursue her passions.

Lisa Boorem

Group C

Lisa is the first female water treatment operator in her hometown in Kansas. A DnD player for about 2 years now, she started with Basic Dungeons & Dragons and has now moved all the way up to 4th and 5th editions. Outside of work, she can usually be found drinking coffee and reading books about dragons, when she isn't binge watching television online.

Michael Cameron

Group A

Michael has been playing Dungeons & Dragons ever since he was a young. Nowadays when he isn't chasing down his children or finding hidden bugs in software he can be found playing tabletop and video games. Enjoying Role playing games in all forms Michael has always been drawn to a good story and good friends which is how he found his way to the great cast of Dungeons & Randomness.

Zachary Clark

Group C

Zach is a 22 year old college student who enjoys playing Mobas and MMOs (when he isn't playing D&D of course). On occasions, he also likes to do physical actives like play football and basketball, but would much rather stay inside away from the daunting Texas heat he suffers daily.

Ian Duncan

Group B

Ian is an editor by trade and a trader of tales. A lover of bourbon and all kind of ales. A roller of dice and a player of roles. A goof and a poof and slayer of trolls. The City of Angels is where he calls home, and he’s awaited in Valhalla all shiny and chrome. He’s on the tip of your tongue, at the edge of your sight. A shadow that slips silently into the night. He’s always been with us throughout human history. But why so mysterious? That too is a mystery!That’s all we know that rhymes about Ian. We also know that he loves pizza, giant mechs, and one of his biggest fears is that one day his skeleton will no longer want to live inside his body and try to escape. But that’ll never happen, right? Right?!

Alex Herrera

Group B

Alex has been a fan of all things fantasy and science-fiction since as far back as he can remember. Originally deterred from Dungeons and Dragons due to its association with being "too much of a nerd", Alex began playing with his group of close friends after college. Alex found D&R while working as a tracking salesman, and later joined the cast after being cut from the final round of a casting call (Dreams do come true!).Currently working in the mobile gaming industry, Alex has found fellow D&D enthusiasts and a profound appreciation for those who DM.

Jane Higginson

Group C

When she's not making people's houses and offices clean and shiny and looking after children after school she can be found playing The Elder scrolls Online, Halo or Titanfall or with her head in a book or catching up on shows like Doctor who, Bones and The 100 or getting out for a walk - when it's not raining! Jane has only been playing D&D for a few months now but is dm-ing a 5th edition campaign with her best friend and having a ton of fun with it, also hoping to try out other rpg's like Inspectres, all in all she's a Geek and very happy to be so! :)

Karen Huesman

Group B

Master of DIY crafts, Karen is a 24-year-old who can be found in the smallest of towns in NH. Constantly on the go, she spends most of her time working, but makes time for video games, Netflix, and most importantly, thinking up ways to improve her home (but never following through). Karen is currently enrolled in accelerated online courses in hopes to earn her bachelors degree by 2017.

Jason (Jasper) Permenter

Group C

Jason "Jasper" Permenter has been playing Dungeons & Dragons for over 30 years on both sides of the DM screen. In his previous career as a volcanologist and professor, he mostly had to deal with low-level gnolls and orcs. Now, as a designer at a digital agency in Brooklyn, Jason fights higher-level evil undead on a daily basis. When he's not designing web sites or making fancy cocktails, Jason can be found DMing his own old-school, Greyhawk-based D&D adventures for his bad-ass wife and friends.

Erik Seeley

Simply put? Erik loves to game. Starting back with Lode Runner and AD&D up to Mass Effect and 5e. Regardless of the genre, or the system, whether it’s telling stories or competing for bragging rights, (win or lose) it’s always a great time. Erik has formed many life-long friendships with nothing more than some dice and a pair of controllers, and was thrilled (and shocked!) with the opportunity to expand that circle to include the D&R family. Erik’s spent most of the past decade building and designing mobile games, and hopes one day to find a way to release a title designed for (not just by) himself.

Valerie Spanier

Group B

Unofficially dubbed the "Little Sister of D&R," Valerie is a newly-adult woman from Florida. She's currently studying Chemistry at her local college. She loves contemporary musicals, and if you ask her about them, be sure to clear your calendar first. Don't ask for a picture of her cats; she has 676 of them and counting. As you read this, there's an 80% chance she is listening to a podcast. Dungeons & Randomness is her first foray into the world of D&D, and role-playing games in general.

Susan Spenader

Group A

Susan Spenader is a 26 year old office drone. When she isn't working on TPS reports, she's hanging out with her pups, practicing calligraphy, sewing, playing video games, and playing table top games. She has lived all over the USA and even lived in New Zealand for awhile, but she currently resides in Florida.

Xavier Trudeau-Deschenes

Group A

This frenchman is a Montreal born, Vancouver based animator. A self-proclaimed gamer, cinephile and comedy enthusiast, he barely plays games, watches movies or knows comedians. He works in the film and tv industry and is currently developing short animated projects on the side. He has been playing D&D and DMing for over a decade, and is always eager to come up with a new character idea.

Kelsey White

Group A

Kelsey is an Environmental Sciences major currently slogging their way through college while working at a local nature center. Years of online roleplaying and writing led them to D&R, and they spend most of their time reading and playing video games. They also scuba dive, and love their cat Taco more than anything else in the world.

Robert Wiesehan

Group A

Robert Wiesehan is a writer working on his second novel. When he isn't stressing out over his work in progress, he enjoys playing video games on his twitch channel. You can watch him play video games for your amusement at his twitch channel, or follow his dieting and writing progress on his youtube page.

James Wilkinson

Group A

Veteran D&Rer…D&Rist?...D&Rite?..ahem…and former G2 “leader,” James is a Canadian, a bass player, and a struggling GameCube game collector. Most of all, though, James is a dad to two glorious children and husband to a very accepting wife. When time permits (almost never), James will steal away for a nighttime jam session, perhaps indulge in a frosty brew, lurk the D&R forums, or sit down with his friends to play a rousing game of D&R.


Jamieson Alcorn

Group B

Jamieson lives with his excellent little family in eastern Massachusetts. He makes comics, plays games, watches baseball and drinks beer, all with varying levels of skill but always with enthusiasm. And sometimes all at once. He has a useless degree in technical theatre. He’s played D&D since 3rd edition in high school and is really just happy to be here.